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The School for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering was set up in 2017 with the vision of offering world-class education and practical knowledge in the fast-changing sector of aviation. Promoted by the InterGlobe group and established under InterGlobe Education Services Ltd (IGES), SAME provides a DGCA-approved two-year Aircraft Maintenance Course in Category B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbine) & Category B2 (Avionics)

An accelerated growth in air traffic demand, coupled with the rapid expansion of India’s civil aviation aircraft fleet, is expected to result in a scarcity of highly-skilled resources for aircraft maintenance. The evolving nature of this field has inspired the need to develop professionally-trained engineers who are sensitive to these paradigm shifts and equipped with the ability to undertake maintenance of aircraft. At SAME, we are committed to fulfilling this long-standing need of the industry.

  • Campus Area

    25,000 Sq. Ft.

  • Fully-Equipped Workshops


  • Total Students Trained

    312 +

  • Categories Offered


Integrating Progressive Teaching and Modern Infrastructure

The primary purpose of our existence is to cultivate a culture of excellence in AME education and training in India. We serve this purpose by continuously developing modern teaching methods and supporting them with state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure. This enables our students to thrive in a versatile environment perfectly suited to their needs.

Balancing Practical Knowledge with Personality Development

We train students not only in the intricacies of carrying out aircraft maintenance, but also in the subtleties of carving a niche for themselves in a professional environment. Through equal emphasis on the school’s curriculum and their overall personality, we ensure that they are as fit for flying high as the aircraft they tend to.

A driven team driving excellence

We believe that a team is only as great as its people, and when they come together in a perfect blend they form something exceptional. For that reason we try to keep every single part of this unique institute as motivated as we are towards driving this industry to its acme.

Work with Us

The completion of your AME course and DGCA examination paves the way for a realm of opportunities in aviation sector.

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CIN: U80301DL2011PLC224686

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